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Taiwan readies up its missile radars to intercept North Korea’s missiles? Great, so they’ve gone from turning their deathbells (radars that say “China’s missiles are going to impact us in 7 seconds”, but at least it buys America some time to react) into something used to intercept North Korea’s missile. Japan’s saying they’re going to shoot it down, and now Taiwan too? What other countries who are a part of missile defense shield going to take orders from the puppet master?

One thing’s for certain, Scotland sounds like it won’t be one of them:


The U.S. Trident ballistic missile program could be seriously impacted if Scotland chooses to evict British nuclear-armed submarines from its territory following a vote in favor of succession from the United Kingdom, an international relations expert was expected to argue on Tuesday in Washington (see GSN, March 12).

The governing Scottish National Party has called for a vote on independence from the United Kingdom as soon as 2014. It hopes to then order London to remove the Trident submarine-launched missiles and nuclear warheads stored at the Coulport weapons depot and the four ballistic missile submarines home ported at the nearby Faslane naval base. Such a move would be likely to have serious implications for British strategic deterrent as there are no other readily available sites in the country where the nuclear weapons could be relocated, the Scotsman reported.

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The Scottish National Party believes there is a precedent set by NATO member Norway for maintaining an anti-nuclear weapon position while also enjoying the security benefits of extended deterrence. The party pointed to the remarks made by then-Norwegian Defense Minister Johan Holst nearly 25 years ago.

Holst stated that “nuclear weapons will not be stored in or deployed to Norway” and “special storage sites for nuclear weapons will not be established in Norway” (Robbie Dinwoodie, Herald, April 17).


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