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ㄟ!奧薩馬賓拉登死了,用恐怖份子的藉口難,又要回到黃禍來恐嚇,擾亂大衆讓政府把納稅人的血汗錢捐給國防部? 可恥的國會勾結軍閥商。

二零一一年八月二十六日 更新


Dieing Twice


The guy is convicted of raping and murdering. He was initially given the death sentence, but then the supreme court gave him life imprisonment instead. You’d think Supreme Court means “Supreme Land of the Law”. However, there were enough angry people, that the Supreme Court decided to change their decision, and give the guy a death sentence. I guess that’s what you’d call “law: of the people, for the people, and by the people.” Sounds nice! I’d like to administer my own law on other people! Too bad it just has to be hampered by things like “due process of law” and “legalities”! Wait…!


Fastest-Growing Sport in the World?

Basketball! At least, that’s what basketball enthusiasts say. So maybe that’s why it was chosen as the game of choice for a diplomatic game between China and the US during Biden’s visit?

So how did the fight break out?

(I still can’t tell)
All I know is, this is a stark contrast to 1971. Seriously, we need to stick with a non-contact sport. I guess Ping Pong got too old.

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Who is notazerosum?


“Please stand up and tell the class something about yourself: your name, your family, your hometown, your work experience, and one fun fact about yourself.”
Fuck that. If I tell you my name, I’m looking at some rather unpleasant things when I start advocating the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government ( free speech my ass).
I used to be in the circus
I have been witness to not one, but two airplane crashes
I have, in the past, worked for one of those three letter government agencies that’s made news in recent years for doing some rather constitutionally unsavory things.
Despite above, I am a card-carrying member of the ACLU.
I am of the descriptivist school of lexicography, which you will soon learn the hard way. (I am a devout autodidact, and while in moments of moral lapse I do floccinaucinihilpilificate hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobes, I certainly think it’s important to eschew obfuscation, and to the end of both, I think some linguistic gymnastics are in order)
I think it’s fun to be an ass to our translator (see above)
I make six digits a year (pre-tax), but I live next to the local homeless shelter。
Other things within 500 ft of my house that make living here an exercise in immersive anthropology: The saturday night transexual prostitutes, the guy openly peeing on the 7-11, the 8 taxi drivers who’ve been stabbed to death, and the meth-head who put her baby in the washing machine. Seriously, google the phrase “DO NOT put any person in this washer”.
I once met an honest-to-god foreign intelligence operative, although he was not very good at his job.
Aaaaand if you’ve ever met me, you already know who I am. That’s fine, by time I devolve to the level of crazy where I’m trying to incite revolution and you need to report me to gummint, or you need to have me kicked out of the ACLU for getting employed to do everything contrary to what you believe, I’ll be writing somewhere else, using levels of encryption and anonymization exclusively reserved for crazy people. (PGP should have an option where you check a box entitled “I believe in UFOs” which automatically sets your encryption to 131072 bits)


We’ve got due process (except OMG HOMELAND SECURITY!!!), so what?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of due process. Having personally had my rights read to me under the pretense of suspicion of such trifles as treason and espionage, I certainly appreciate the fact that the U.S. Government frowns upon letting people rot away in an oubliette indefinetely without a trial (unless you’re an Arab). Instead they send you home and let you worry that they will just make shit up to make their case(which they did) and it will be you versus federal law enforcement and you can’t win (surprisingly, you can).

They give you a long time to worry too. Due process can take ages; take a look at trial scheduling after all but the most heinous of crimes. Unless you can make bail, or are not judged a flight risk, you will likely be spending that time in jail (which is so much better than prison mind you).

Anywho, I digress. The point I wish to make today is best illustrated by a quote from Judge Joseph L. Tauro in Rogers v. Okin:

“The right to produce a thought — or refuse to do so — is as important as the right protected in Roe v. Wade to give birth or abort […] The First Amendment protects the communication of ideas. That protected right of communication presupposes a capacity to produce ideas. As a practical matter, therefore, the power to produce ideas is fundamental to our cherished right to communicate and is entitled to comparable constitutional protection […] whatever powers the Constitution has granted our government, involuntary mind control is not one of them”

Now you will ask: “Under what circumstances would a district court judge feel compelled to say something like that? What kind of horrible fucked up society do we live in which that even comes into question?”




馬里蘭州第六國會區眾議院代表員,Roscoe Bartlett (羅斯溝仈咧)–共和黨員, 表示對電磁脈衝擔憂。電磁脈衝大可能發生在原子彈爆炸時,而因爲北韓,伊朗,跟某些恐怖份子擁有核武器的恐懼越來越大。這樣的話,從原子爆炸的電磁脈衝大有可能。









雖然我有批評標準普爾把美國的信用評級降下一層. 可是如果仔細看它們的發表:

…our revised base case scenario now assumes that the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, due to expire by the end of 2012, remain in place. We have changed our assumption on this because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues…

整天說國債太多,卻不要提高受稅率來補.那你們有何高見? 再戰阿富汗跟伊拉克? 伊朗吧! 挾在他們兩個中間成為你的眼中釘. 而且他們也跟伊拉克有好多油. 用一句廣東話”神又係你,鬼又係呢!” 是你們共和黨亂把錢扔給軍閥商, 忽略國內發生的事.

回到正題: AAA降到AA+又怎麼樣?2008年美國金融風暴影響全球,美國依然是經濟第一,這次就算信用降了,其他國家國家會不會拿他們國家的儲備從美金換到另一個貨幣嗎? 美國不是唯一的失去AAA的國家.加拿大,瑞士,丹麥, 等等… 都是去過然後再獲得. 而且, 梁朝偉驗貨的時候, 評價素質也只不過是AA+嘛.